There are a numerous varities of games within the realm of BDSM
(=bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sado- masochism).
The principle of it is SSC. That means safe, sane, consensuell.
Practicing S/M to me implies phantasy and skills, finesse and responsibility.

Do you like to be guided, to abandon yourself and submerge into another reality or 
an unknown territory, indulge in a certain pain or experience a certain psychological level?
Perhaps you want to be kept there or taken even further.

S/M is a staged game about power and powerlessness that is capable of opening 
up areas inside you in a creative way, suspending time and space, provided 
you give up control and intrust me.
You should be willing to fully submerge into another role or just be yourself.

I appreciate devotion as well as reactions which are both very important to 
me in the course of the session. It gives me the necessary feedback and 
inspiration for the individual play. I use the arising suspense to further 
explore the boundaries of my counterpart.
A play can be a journey through all sorts of emotions and sensations, 
physically as well as psychologically.

I expect potential clients (male, female, both) to know roughly about the main 
features of their affinities, taboos and fears. 
In a preliminary talk or email contact we will find out if there is a basis for 
mutual trust, sympathy and corresponging affinities.
Please note that I am not interested in clinic sessions and long-distance training.
There will be no contact of intimate nature and I will not inflict any injuries 
that could course permanent damage.

The number of appointments I accept is limited as I devote only a fixed amount of 
time to my scenarios and I want to give each client a maximum of attention.

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